Adult Beverages

Tequila Margaritas frozen or on the rocks..

Pint Margaritas Traditional or Jalapeno...8   

Buenos Breeze frozen tropical rum punch (pint)...8

Beer/Cerveza...Domestic..3.25/Mexican Beer 3.75

Micro-brew & Non Alcoholic beer..4.00/Premium..5

Beer on tap pint..Revision IPA or Modelo Especial 5.50  

Ice cold (6) Mexican beer 18

Wine, by the glass/bottle 6-25

House made Red Wine Sangria .6       

Michelada 6


Online orders & phone orders are welcome 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m. daily. Order ONLINE by going to the home page & clicking the turquoise button or call 775-787-8226 to place your order, curbside pickup is available upon request. Dine inside the restaurant or outside on the heated patio. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Buenos Grill was established in 1999 and has been locally owned by the Butler family for 22 years. We welcome you in and hope you enjoy Reno's original Baja-style taqueria.

Sales of Alcoholic Beverages To-Go

 Alcoholic beverages that are packaged by this establishment are open containers and may not be transported in a motor vehicle except in the vehicle’s trunk; or, if there is no trunk, the container may be kept in some other area of the vehicle that is not normally occupied by the driver or passengers (which does not include a utility compartment or glove compartment). Further, such beverages may not be consumed in public or in any other area where open containers are prohibited by law.

​​​​We care about safety & take pride in serving you fresh, healthy and upscale Mexican food & drink! 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner for dine in or take out.   

Go to the home page & order online by clicking on theturquoisebutton to have your order ready for pick up. Phone orders are welcome at 775-787-8226 or come inside to place your order

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     Tacos and Burritos

It's TacoTime!
All Tacos served with cabbage slaw, on corn tortillas, flour tortilla upon request.​
Guacamole, sour cream, cheese, Queso and mango salsa upon request for extra charge.

All Burritos served with rice and choice of beans wrapped in flour tortilla, light beans & rice upon request. No tortilla or whole wheat flour tortilla upon request. Burritos may be ordered enchilada style w/ cheese & choice of red or green salsa melted on top-add $1                                                                                                         

prices listed:  taco $ / burrito $     
Chicken Spice rubbed and charbroiled with Pico de Gallo salsa  $5.25/9.75

Chicken Verde Chicken stewing in salsa verde  $5.25/9.75

Buenos Charbroiled fish with mango salsa and citrus honey butter  $5.75/10.50

Baja San Felipe-style fried fish with sour cream chili sauce  $5.75/10.50

Del Mar Spice rubbed fish with sour cream chili sauce  $5.95/10.50

Shrimp Sautéed shrimp with garlic butter  $5.75/10.35

Acapulco Shrimp As above w/ tomatoes, onions, cilantro, Parmesan  $5.95/10.75

Steak Marinated and charbroiled with Pico de Gallo salsa  $5.50/10

Steak Ranchero Marinated spicy carne asada  $5.50/10.25

Vegetarian Vegetables sautéed in marinade with citrus honey butter  $5.25/10.25

Tofu Spice rubbed tofu, red bell pepper with citrus honey butter  $5.25/10

Coconut Crunchy Tofu rolled in sweet coconut, with orange chili sauce  $5.25/10.25

Breakfast Burritos 

Burritos wrapped in a flour tortilla or as scrambles-without the tortilla. Whole wheat tortilla upon request.

Steak Ranchero: eggs, spicy steak, cheese and potatoes $10.50

Chorizo: eggs, chorizo, cheese &  potatoes $10.50
Bacon: eggs, bacon, cheese & potatoes $10.50
Bacon & Veggie combo: eggs, bacon, veggies, cheese & potatoes $10.50
Vegan:  tofu, veggies, salsa & potatoes $10.50
Vegetarian: eggs, veggies, salsa & potatoes $10.50 

Cheese : eggs, cheese & potatoes $10.50

Breakfast Specialties

​Chilaquiles Corn tortilla chips scrambled with choice of chipotle or verde salsa, eggs, onions, with queso fresco, served with breakfast potatoes. $10.50

Huevos Rancheros Fried eggs atop sauced fried tortillas, mashed pinto beans and queso fresco, served with breakfast potatoes $10.50

Vegan Enchiladas sweet potatoes, black beans and chipotle salsa $12


Wraps are served wrapped in a flour tortilla or sub. whole wheat tortilla

Chicken Caesar Wrap Crisp Caesar salad with charbroiled chicken and rice 10.50

Cajun Jambalaya Wrap Shrimp, spicy sausage and Cajun seasoned rice 11

Cajun Steak Wrap Spicy steak and sausage with Cajun seasoned rice 11

Del Mar Caesar Wrap Crisp Caesar salad with spice-rubbed salmon and rice 11.50

Chicken Ranch Wrap Crispy chicken, lettuce and Ranch dressing 10