Mayberry Landing 
3892 Mayberry Drive  
Reno, NV  89519 
(775 787-8226 (taco) 
Customer Appreciation

Our Frequent Diner program rewards you for dining with us! Pick one up and start getting rewarded today at Buenos Grill. Visit us and buy ten tacos or burritos and then receive one free!

Please SHOP SMALL at Mayberry Landing Shopping Center
and support these locally owned and operated businesses

Addresses on Mayberry Drive in Reno, NV 89519   Phone area code  (775)- 

3882 Mayberry Drive

        A) Devonwoods          348-6161

B) Yogurt Beach             787-2024        

C) Franz's Backstube     624-2921        

C-1) Lakeside Cleaners  826-9777        

        E) Piano Forte                 787-1497        

3886 Mayberry Drive

        A) Edward Jones            747-5500        

        B) Whispering Vine         787-9463
        C) Kelekia toys & gifts     453-2999    
Socialite Salon            624-2999          

        F) Gerbus Construction   322-6145        

3888 Mayberry Drive

        A) Big Horn Olive Oil Co. 846-0057        

        B) Beau Chateau Spa      746-4100                                

3890  Kumon of Reno              954-0900        

3892 Mayberry Drive

        A) Buenos Grill                 787-8226        

        B) Healthy Tails                787-3647        

3920 Stone Dog Grooming      747-7300

3940 Walden’s Coffee House  787-3307        

3950 Eclipse Pizza Co.            747-4343        

3960 Salon Del Rio                  787-2233 
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